Introducing the Sharky 2024 on our X-plod website — the pinnacle of next-generation carts. Perfectly balancing innovation and value, it offers the best quality-to-price ratio on today’s market.

Technical Specifications:

  • Max Speed: 40km/h
  • Range: 60-125KM
  • Climbing Capacity (when loaded): 25%
  • Braking Distance: ≤3.5m
  • Minimum Turn Radius: 3.2m
  • Ground Clearance: 170 mm
  • Charge Duration: 4-8 hours
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 3695×1340×2130mm
  • Track (Front/Back): 1005/1075mm
  • Wheelbase: 2436mm
  • Empty Weight: 600 kg
  • Engine: 5 kW high-efficiency AC
  • Controller: 6661-48C350 48V/350AH (with CAN communication)
  • Battery: Lithium and iron phosphate
  • Body & Roof: Matte black square tubing frame + PP injection-molded roof
  • Windshield: DOT-certified pivoting glass
  • Seats: Full foam cushion; high-end imported solid color leather
  • Mirrors: Two manually adjustable foldable externals
  • Bumper: Front metal
  • Tires: DOT 205/50-10 road-approved (4 Ply Rated)
  • Chassis: High-tensile steel trapezoidal
  • Steering: Two-way rack & pinion (with automatic clearance compensation)
  • Front Suspension: Independent double swing arm + coil spring + hydraulic shock
  • Rear Suspension: Complete rear axle (16:1 gear ratio) + coil spring + hydraulic shock + stabilizing bar
  • Lights: Combined LED front lights (including low and high beams, signals, daytime and positioning)
  • Sound: Full-spectrum speakers (illuminated)
  • Brakes: Four-wheel hydraulic; four-wheel discs + electronic handbrake
  • Charger: 48V/20AH smart charger; charging in <8 hours (at 80% discharge rate)
  • Dashboard: Shaped plastic; watertight two-speed switch, single-arm combined switch, and cup holder; 12V, USB+Type-C charging, and external USB audio input.
  • Accessories: One charger and an English manual
  • Color Choices: Green, white, blue, red, black, gray, silver

Proudly assembled in Quebec, our X-Plod Sharky speaks of quality and craftsmanship. Upon purchase, receive an 18-month warranty on acid batteries, a standout 5-year warranty on lithium batteries, and a robust 2-year warranty on the cart itself.

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