Series: Kandy Models: Shadow 2+2 2024



We are proud to present our brand new 2024 Shadow model, more equipped than ever to meet all your mobility needs. Our latest gem is designed to offer an exceptional driving experience, combining comfort, performance, and style. Discover the impressive features of our 2024 Shadow:

**1. Keyless Start:** Our 2024 model comes equipped with a keyless start system for added convenience and security.

**2. Cooler:** To ensure you stay refreshed while on the go, we have integrated a practical cooler on board.

**3. Front Basket:** You’ll always have room for your belongings with the spacious front basket.

**4. World-Class Lithium Battery:** Our 2024 Shadow is powered by a world-class lithium battery, ensuring exceptional range and fast charging. You also have the option to choose from top battery brands such as Trojan and Roypow for optimal performance.

**5. USB + Type-C Connectivity:** You can quickly charge your devices using the built-in USB and Type-C ports, and even listen to music through a USB + AUX audio input.

**6. Premium Aluminum Alloy Floor Coating:** The high-quality aluminum alloy floor coating offers exceptional strength, resilience, and durability. It is designed to resist corrosion and the effects of aging, ensuring a pristine appearance for many years, even in high-traffic areas.

**7. 7-Inch Screen:** The 7-inch screen provides a user-friendly interface for controlling your vehicle and accessing essential information.

**8. Step Board:** The integrated step board makes it easy to access and exit your vehicle, enhancing your overall experience.

**9. 2-Year Basic Warranty and Up to 6-Year Full Warranty:** We offer a 2-year basic warranty for your peace of mind, but you also have the option to extend it to up to 6 years for maximum protection of your investment.

**Technical Specifications:**
– Maximum Speed: 40 km/h
– Range: 60-125 km
– Climbing Capacity (loaded): 25%
– Braking Distance: ≤ 3.5 meters
– Minimum Turning Radius: 3.2 meters

– Charging Time: 2 to 8 hours
– Dimensions (L×W×H): 3695 × 1340 × 2130 mm in elevated version
– Front/Rear Track: 1005 / 1075 mm
– Wheelbase: 2436 mm
– Empty Weight: 600 kg

**Technical Features:**
– High-efficiency 5 kW AC motor
– 6661-48C350 48V / 350AH controller with CAN communication
– 5-year guaranteed acid or Lithium LifePO4 battery
– Black matte square tube frame body and roof + long roof
– DOT-certified pivotable glass windshield
– Multicolored imported leather seats
– Manually foldable and adjustable exterior rearview mirrors
– Front metal bumper
– DOT-certified road tires
– High-strength steel plate trapezoidal chassis
– Bidirectional rack and pinion steering system with automatic clearance compensation
– Front independent double wishbone suspension + coil spring + hydraulic cylinder shock absorber
– Integral rear axle, 16:1 gear ratio, coil spring + hydraulic cylinder shock absorber + rear stabilizer bar
– Lighting system with combined LED headlights (low beam, high beam, turn signals, daytime running lights, position lights)
– Sound system with full-range speakers (with lights)
– Four-wheel hydraulic brakes, four-wheel disc brakes + electronic parking brake
– Intelligent 48V / 20AH charger, charging time < 8 hours (80% discharge rate)
– Molded plastic dashboard, waterproof dual-speed electrical switch, single-arm combination switch, cup holder; 12V power supply, USB + Type-C charging, external USB audio input

**Included Accessories:**
– 1 charger
– 1 user manual in English

Discover our 2024 Shadow now, a perfect combination of power, comfort, and style. What are you waiting for to experience X-Plod? Order yours today!



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