The Cobra 6-Seater 2023

A luxurious golf cart offering the best value for money in the Canadian market. Highly durable, it will bring you both pleasure and entertainment. Its list of standard equipment is unparalleled.

Powered by a 6.7 HP 5kw motor for standout performance, it features 6 Trojan brand 8 Volt T-875 batteries and an integrated charger. The cart is equipped with disc brakes, an adjustable HD suspension, a 6-inch lift kit, and tires mounted on 14-inch wheels, all on a fully aluminum chassis.

It showcases a clear windshield paired with a matching elongated colored roof. The vibrantly colored front and rear luxury seats come with integrated pockets. Front and rear seat belts and a sporty steering wheel ensure safety and style.

The lighting is entirely LED-based, complemented by hazard lights, a horn, side mirrors with integrated turn signals, and a console that includes: 2 USB ports and 1 auxiliary power socket. A 4.5-inch LCD screen displays the speedometer, battery charge level, and voltage along with an odometer. Additionally, a 7-inch touchscreen is available as an optional feature.

The rear seat boasts armrests fitted with cup holders and a retractable safety bar. Moreover, the rear seat can be folded down to create a spacious platform.

Assembled in Quebec, our Cobra 6-seater offers an 18-month warranty on acid batteries, 5 years on lithium batteries, and 2 years on the golf cart itself.

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